March 16, 2016

Fish Taxidermy (Fiberglass Reproductions)

Fish Reproductions and Replica Mounts

We will custom create and replicate your fish using high detail and durable fiberglass. Fiberglass fish replicas will stand the test of time much better than a standard skin mount. If you are like us and practice catch and release fishing, you can still get your trophy on the wall! We provide fish replica mount taxidermy services to all of East Idaho, Jackson Wyoming and anywhere else. Because we don’t need anything from you besides the measurements of your fish and some photos, we can provide fish taxidermy services around the world.

Measuring your Fish for a Taxidermy Replica Mount

  • Measure your fish from the tip of the tail to the nose (be sure you don’t measure from the fork in the middle of the tail). This will ensure we mount your fish to as close as possible to the actual length.
  • The girth measurement of your trophy fish should be taken at the widest part of the fish. It’s always a good idea to carry a seamstress tape measure with you on the water to get accurate measurements for your fish replica mount.
  • Be sure to take some great pictures at multiple angles of your fish. The more and better quality images you take, the more true to life your replica mount will end up.

Benefits of a Taxidermy Replica Mount VS a Standard Fish Mount

Brook trout replica mount by Rivers edge wildlife art taxidermistUsing a high quality fiberglass to create your fish replica mount will ensure it will last for generations. Fiberglass will not ever deteriorate in the way that a traditional skin mount would. The durability of fiberglass will ensure that your trophy will last a lifetime. Inevitably things get touched, handled and banged around. Fiberglass fish replicas are simply way more durable than any other type of taxidermy fish mount.

What Types of Fish Taxidermy Do We Do?

We can provide fish taxidermy for just about any species! Since we live in trout fishing paradise we have vast experience creating trout replica mounts of all species, such as brown trout, brook trout, cutthroats, salmon, steelhead and of course rainbow trout. We don’t stop there! We can mount bass, bluegill, pike, walleye, perch or any other fish species you can imagine.

Specialty Pieces

We can provide you with stunning scenes of spawning fish, feeding trout in natural environments or anything else you desire. Be creative and let us make the new focal point of your home be a lifelike underwater scene that you designed and we executed.