March 21, 2016

European Mounts

Skell taxidermy provided by rivers edge taxidermyCleaned Skulls for European Skull Mounts

Rivers Edge Taxidermy is now offering skull cleaning. European mounts will give your trophy a unique modern look that will work with any type of decor you have in your home. I use a technique called maceration that achieves the same end result as beetles. to clean every nook and cranny of the skull.  Don’t risk your trophy’s skull with any other type of skull cleaning method.

Pronghorn antelope European skull mount from Western Wyoming

Skull Mount Taxidermy in East Idaho and Jackson Wyoming

We provide skull taxidermy to All of East Idaho, Wyoming and throughout the US. You can ship us your skulls and we will take care of the rest. We will clean your animal skull and make it look amazing in your home or cabin.

Cleaning Process

Skull taxidermy in Jackson WyomingWhen your skull arrives at our East Idaho taxidermy shop, we will prepare it for the ultimate cleaning.