March 21, 2016

European Mounts – Dermestid Beetles

Skell taxidermy provided by rivers edge taxidermyBeetle Cleaned Skulls for European Skull Mounts

Rivers Edge Taxidermy is now offering beetle skull cleaning. European mounts will give your trophy a unique modern look that will work with any type of decor you have in your home. We use dermestid beetles to clean every nook and cranny of the skull. Beetle cleaned skulls are far superior to boiled and scraped skulls, because ever single bit of the eyes and nasal cavity will be preserved in tact and fully cleaned. The beetles we use are the same that you will find in the Smithsonian museum to preserve bones for exhibits. Beetles are truly the only way to get a perfect European mount every time. Don’t risk your trophy’s skull with any other type of skull cleaning method.

Why Use Beetles for Skull Taxidermy?

Pronghorn antelope European skull mount from Western WyomingBoiling skulls can cause cracked teeth, softening of the bone and many other problems. Boiling also decreases the lifespan and quality of your mount, making boiled skulls inferior to a beetle cleaned skull. Beetles are the safest and most effective method to a perfect European mount every time. You only get one chance to preserve the skull of a lifetime, let a professional taxidermist and a team of beetles take care of it for you.

Skull Mount Taxidermy in East Idaho and Jackson Wyoming

We provide skull taxidermy to All of East Idaho, Wyoming and throughout the US. You can ship us your skulls and we will take care of the rest. We have a large colony of beetles that will clean your animal skull and make it look amazing in your home or cabin.

Beetle Cleaning Process

Skull taxidermy in Jackson WyomingWhen your skull arrives at our East Idaho taxidermy shop, we will prepare it for the ultimate cleaning. After a short period of drying, we will carefully place your skull in our colony of beetles. The dermestid beetles will enter the nasal cavities and every other orifice and safely remove every last bit of flesh. Once the beetles have finished their job, we will bleach your skull using a gentle method that will keep your skull strong and free of cracks and defects.