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East Idaho and Jackson Wyoming Areas. We are in Eastern Idaho, but we are very close to Jackson WY and are happy to accept all trophies from our neighboring state. Whether you are hunting moose, bighorns, elk or mule deer we can pull off the mount of a lifetime for you.
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Life Size (Full Body Mounts)

Rivers edge wildlife art can provide full body and mounts for any type of mammal you can imagine. If you can legally put a tag on that animal, we can do it!

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Shoulder Mounts

We will provide shoulder mount taxidermy for all types of big game animals. We can do deer shoulder taxidermy mounts, elk, moose, bison and all other types of mammals.

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Fish Taxidermy Replica Mounts

We will custom create and replicate your fish using high detail and durable fiberglass. Fiberglass fish replicas will stand the test of time much better than a standard skin mount.

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Bird and Waterfowl Taxidermy

We will create your bird taxidermy mount in either a natural setting or on it’s own. Rivers edge wildlife art can create a custom scene including leaves, rocks, and natural forest material to make your bird mount come to life.

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European Skull Mounts

These mounts are very unique and are sure to brighten up your home or hunting cabin.

Trophy sized mule deer and elk skuuls mounted European taxidermy style


Quality Taxidermy from Start to Finish
Materials and Craftsmanship

Rivers Edge Wildlife Art will construct your taxidermy mount using only the best materials on the market, this will ensure your trophy will last for generations. We have been known to spend countless hours nitpicking every small detail of your trophy animal, just so it's as lifelike as it was the moment you pulled the trigger. From the best quality eye’s, to the top notch tanning service, there is not ever a shortcut taken. Making a taxidermy mount pass the test of time, can only be achieved by using the right technique and highest quality materials from the start.

  • Only the most up to date methods and materials in each mount

  • We promise you'll be happy with our quality

  • We don't cut corners on tanning your hide for taxidermy. only the best methods are used to ensure satisfaction.

  • Turn around time is 6 months to a year. In some cases it can be much faster.

Meet YOUR Taxidermist

Professional taxidermist, Hunting guide, Fishing guide and Full time outdoor enthusiast.

Jay Myers

“Providing you with the best quality taxidermy possible is my ultimate goal.” Jay Myers has been providing taxidermy to all of Idaho, Wyoming and throughout the US for many years.   Check out this elk article Jay wrote at Gohunt.com

Pronghor antelope full body taxidermy mountTestimonials

Make your hunt of a lifetime, last longer than a lifetime.

Our quality taxidermy is destined to be passed down for generations to come.
Since each trophy is different, please contact us to find out about pricing and custom taxidermy.